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Pumpkin VR at Digital Taipei

Founded in 2016

We started with a small team of 4 people. With our previous solid experience in 3D art and animation, our team has lighted its name by creating original award-winning VR games and delivering incredible projects to our clients across industries. 

What We Aim For

Gamification, training, simulation...we explore every possibility in interactive media technology to bring the richness and the novelty of immersive experiences in front of a wide range of audience.

We are committed to helping to accelerate industrial upgrades using our capacities of advanced media technology and combining the know-how of our partners. We believe that 1 + 1 > 2.

Pumpkin VR creats an all-in-one seated VR kiosk which enables player to interact with the game using joystick and buttons. The kiosk is suitable for location operators and hosting VR esports events.

​Grow Together!

With a group of talented developers, designers and animators whose passion for fun and interactive media led them to take a leap into the unknown, we challenge ourselves to break down the limits and go beyond through every project we have done. We build, we grow and we forge the future together with our partners, the society and you.


That's what we believe in.



Pumpkin VR. CEO & Founder. Peter Liao

Peter Liao

Founder & CEO

"We dream and we build."

VR enthusiast, Serial entrepreneur

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Pumpkin VR. Co-founder. Terry Chen

Terry Chen

​Co-Founder & Director

3art explorer.

 Blender veteran.

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