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Hey, we love games like you do!

And yes, we are the same group of nerds at Pumpkin Studio!

But here at Pumpkin VR, we have a special focus on VR game development.

We love games like you do and we are addict to games like nerds. We draw, we code and we create. That's why we want to bring something innovative and Exciting to VR gaming. That's why we started Pumpkin VR in 2019, and finally got it prepared in 2020!!

At here, we invite you to accompany us while developing our next title Quantaar, the first 3rd-person Multiplayer VR Melee. 

You will find out why we are so dedicated to creating this new genre of VR title and what excitement this game can bring up to VR gamers!

Join us on Twitter for more news.

* Pumpkins have developed and self-published 3 LB VR titles partnering with worldwide top-tier distributors. From SEGA Japan to VR Junkies in the U.S. Our games are everywhere. And now, we are going online!

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Pumpkin VR is the US version of Pumpkin Studio.

The team is currently staying in Taiwan but digitally everywhere!

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