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#2 Combat in Quantaar

Hello, it’s Coyote speaking here.

We’ve received some questions about Quantaar and the VR esports we held last November. Before starting our #2, let me explain a bit about what stage we are now.

PumpkinVR has been developing Quantaar: The vizor of oath since late-2018. We showed off the 1st version of Quantaar and the VR kiosk during an expo in Taipei (which you can find out in our previous post.) The product have gained LOTS of love from both 2B and 2C sides during the exposure. However, they are still in development, let’s why we are here together reading dev updates. Here’s a footage about current Quantaar.

This is one of my favorite maps in Quantaar, an amazing mesmerizing underwater world. This is also what you see in VR. Each map in Quantaar is interactive and has some “surprises” that appear while you are on the stage.

Ok, let’s go back to our #2 dev update: Combat in Quantaar.

We wanted to create a game that fitted for hardcore and casual players. There are some awesome VR titles out there but difficult to master or interact due to gameplay mechanics or simply just because it’s made for a single player.

To satisfy both skill and casual players, the first thing we needed to do was to re-design the gameplay mechanic: it should be as simple as possible. Another thing we wanted to do was an immersion that wouldn’t exhaust you at all. We wanted all types of players could find enjoy the game no matter the skill level. A good game for us should be both entertaining and masterable. We cared more about interactivity among players than walking aways alone killing zombies in VR.

We followed the game logic of traditional fighting games. As long as you know how to use a Dualshock, you are ready to take off in Quantaar. Yes, we use joystick/thumbstick and buttons to interact with the game instead of the VR controller. What’s more, Quantaar is a 3rd person game, one of the best examples to help you understand the idea is Astrobot from PSVR (Everyone should try this game!)

As it’s a fighting game, we have spent lots of time to adjust the balance of each character. We will step into details about how the win-lose method works in the next post. See you!

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