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#3 Combat in Quantaar.2

Hello, it’s Coyote as usual. Facing the challenging times, Pumpkins hope you all doing well. Stay at home playing VR, it’s not just fun but avoid saliva contagious contact through eyes.

Ok, welcome to our third dev update post.

As mentioned in the last post, we are going deeper today talking about the win-lose method in Qantaar.

There was a glorious period of fighting games back to the 90s. Some legendary fighting games still very active today having worldwide tournaments regularly. One of the mesmerizing experiences coming with fighting games is that 99 seconds we share together. Our breaths are sized with every movement the players act, not until the last second we won’t know who the winner is. This fast-paced breath-taking feeling is what we want to replicate in VR.

In Quantaar, each match is 90 seconds long, the player ranks in 1st place will be announced as the winner. The ranking system is majorly based on 2 metrics: Kills and Damage dealt. The most important metric is the amount of kill. Once you launch a player off the stage you get one kill. More kills you get, more higher your ranking is. The second metric values is Damage dealt. It calculates how many effect attacks you hit on your opponents. In sum, if players have the same amount of kills, the system will declare the player with higher damage dealt as the winner.

As each hero has its own ultimate, unique skills and combo sets. Some ultimates have full impact that can cause “kill” to all players on the stage. And it's one of the many funs in Quantaar, choosing the hero!

One of the ultimates, you can see the countdown on top as well

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