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New Quantaar is landed (2020)

Logo, characters and current state about Quantaar!

New Quantaar Logo

After months of development and discussion, we can finally revealed new Quantaar to you guys! Guess who is in the middle?

Game dev updates -

- Character art: Some of characters are still in optimisation, and some new are in development. But (my personal favorite) Flèche is done including its animation and ultimate, Captain Fury is 60% finished as you can see on the above image (on the right bottom!) which I'll share its full new look later on our Twitter.

- Items & Ultimate: Created a new item called upside down! As its name, once opponents get hit, all their movement will perform in the opposite temporally. It's hard to teach players how to win because this, includes everything from the ability to freeze combatants utilizing an arsenal of powerful items (appear randomly during the matches) or release the character's ultimate tactically. So the recommendation from our best players in the team, Wayne & Barry is: practice makes perfect!

- Game system: New game mode added in, 2 out of 3! We tested this mode at an Esports event (in Taiwan of course) and received overwhelming exciting feedback from players! This game mode enables everyone to have an extra chance and have some more buffer to find their pace during the matches.

Murmuring -

Can't believe it's been 2 full years since we started developing Quantaar, it's a really challenging work for us as an indie studio to craft a game with all the functions we wanna achieve, like online multiplayer, multiple characters/ maps/ game modes...etc.

Every time when we have a doubt, Peter (the founder) will remind us "Quantaar is a game made for all types of players, if everyone can have fun and can't wait to share their excitement with others, then we can say we make it." Okay...it sounds like a cliche...but, after witnessing all the exciting faces of the player and the feedback, we have to admit that,

We Love What We Do!

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