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Our fist VR game goes on Steam soon!

Forbidden Z is our very first VR title made in 2017.

We were only 4 in the team and just stepped into VR for a few months. However, our passion for games and experience in Unreal Engine helped us to forge our first game Forbidden Z in 5 months.

The game was made for location-based entertainment (LBE) centers. Based on a Chinese vampire story, it's a VR shooter and can host up to 5 players using PP gun or VR controller. The game was selected as the featured game for HTC Viveland opening event at Taipei game show 2017. It's still operating at some LBE locations likeStove VR across Asia.

We're planning to upload this vintage game on Steam not just for nostalgia but for server testing as well. We'd like to invite all of you helping us doing server pressure test and enjoy this game which means a lot to us!

So, check out the trailer before it goes on Steam for Free!

Forbidden Z Trailer (2020)

Publishing date to announce soon. Stay tuned with us on Twitter.

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