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#4 Character, Quantaar is a new VR world

From a cat-like archer to human-like, Flèche is not the Flèche you've known anymore!

Have to say, Quantaar has become a brand-new VR game that we hadn't expected when we started creating this title back to 2018. This can start with Character Design.

Remember Flèche? The cat looks (and yes she's a cat) archer. We had a cute (real) fluffy cat and Japanese mange catgirl in the head while conceiving this character, so you can see the first version of Flèche had a big head compared to her body size. We received good feedback from players in Taiwan while the VR arcade was doing a market test here.

Flèche in arcade version

However, things got changed, we all knew what happened since early this year.

The team decided to move Quantaar online on Steam, which means the players are no longer just Asians but more coming from the West. And we gotta admit that, our previous character design would, unfortunately, not gonna work anymore (or in opposite??)

So here we started modifying Flèche in a new mindset.

Trying different hairstyle and facial expression, still with an animal face

Should we keep her as a cat-like character or human-like? Should we highlight her cat characteristics (cat ears, cat mouth) or she can be more discreet? How about the weapon?

All questions popping up during every weekly team meeting, we then wrapped all these together and started deleting what hit the previous version.

And here comes the result: the new Flèche.


- Human look like: She's an archer, so we wanna her looks sharp and more agile, a well-trained assassin is the image we have for her!

- Mouth-covered face with cat ears: To add on more cat physic characteristics but not take over attention when seeing this character.

- Boots! It's our insistence to have her wearing boots! Yes, we are big fans of Puss in Boots!

Finally we came up with this, a new human-shape looking for Flèche!!

However, we keep the core game mechanic: fighting between players and AIs, but have been adding lots of new game modes and new system that transform a simple VR game into a VR world. Talk more in next post. Ciao!

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