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Quantaar for VR arcade (2019)

Hello everyone, haven't updated our progress for a while as we were building a virtual exhibition for the DC Award the last 2 months. You can see the trailer here on our twitter.

And we are so happy to be back to Quantaar starting from the next week!

Quantaar has been building since late of 2018 and now still in development as it was dedicated to LBVR (more arcade style game.) In the footage shown below you can see the VR arcade machine we designed for LBEs. The game supports local multiplayer mode and of course single mode fighting with AIs. Players can simply put in a coin or through various payment methods to start the round. Choose the character you prefer and join the fight with others, Quantaar is exactly that simple as a traditional fighting game.

But as the pandemic has changed our daily life dramatically, we decided to move the game from offline (arcade) to online.

This video is kinda a summary for our previous development journey. In the video you can find out that the game coming with a VR arcade (designed by us!) which is a super combination for location-based entertainment. Locations can easily operate this all-in-one arcade kiosk (easy to move and install,) players use joystick and buttons to play the game, every step during the process is just that simple and intuitive! Also the video shows some footage of a VR esports tournament held in Taipei Syndrend (台北三創) back to the late 2019, we love the excitement spreading in the air and how players react to Quantaar! This is exactly what we want to bring to our audience!

Quantaar VR Esports Tournament in Taipei(2019)

So, we love its arcade version but nowadays we need to transform it to online version which is a totally different story in terms of game mechanic, game logic and art design.In our next post, we will jump in our new pipeline sharing what we are doing for the Online mode.

Quantaar VR Esports Tournament Footage(2019)

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