• Coyote

#1 Hello world!

Hello everyone, I'm Coyote, not an engineer neither an artist but a communication person at PumpkinVR. Anyway, this is our #1 post about our in development VR melee game Quantaar. Welcome!

Quantaar is a fast-paced, the first 3rd person VR melee game up to 4. It was inspired by our favorite games Street Fighter, Mariot Kart and Super Smash Bros. Also some of our beloved movies and pop cultures (You may find some puns from the design of characters.) It’s set in a dimension where multiple galaxies coexist parallelly but sharing one mythology: Quantaar. According to this myth, there’s a legendary powerful visor hidden in somewhere across galaxies. Only the last winner can possess this visor. A journey of chasing then begins.

There are so many amazing games in VR today, but I think one of the main feature that make Quantaar distinct from other games is the interactivity.

We wanted to create a game with intense interactivity that fits both hardcore and casual players — sticking with this initial, we made Quantaar more flexible by starting with the gameplay mode.

There are 2 gameplay modes in Quantaar currently: Team match (2v2) and Melee. The win-lose method is very simple: get more points by kicking your competitors out of the stage. Players are not just interact with each other, but there are various interactive items surrounding around the stage and under your feet.

In addition, we considered all kinds of possibilities to make Quantaar has a huge open world event though the area of stage is actually fixed. So, each map has its own interactive mechanic which is unpredictable.

It sounds easy right? But don’t forget the fight is taking place in VR, a 360-degree environment where gives players have lots of freedom compared to traditional 2D/3D fighting games. In short, during each 90-second fight, you have NO time to think of your strategy either to hide, because every step is dangerous!