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​輕鬆管理 VR 頭盔、
一鍵掌握 XR 內容。

Pumpkin Flow 是市面上最完備的 VR 一體機 XR 內容中控系統。只需一台電腦,便可以輕鬆管理多個 VR 頭盔、一鍵式操作所有類型和格式的 XR 內容(AR、VR、MR),並支持多種品牌的 VR 一體機(Meta Quest 3 和 Quest 2、HTC Vive Focus 3)和 Youtube 直播功能。

Pumpkin Flow 適合用於學校教育機構、博物館、美術館、藝文展覽、線下 VR 場館、VR 電影院等各種線下場所。


Pumpkin Flow

XR 內容中控系統

Pumpkin Flow 結合 5G 科技,打造創新的 XR 內容中控系統,除了配有內容管理系統(CMS)功能,更提供了有效率、可客製化的一站式管理、更簡易地同步操作多個 VR 頭盔,減少人力支出,輕鬆暢遊於虛擬世界!

Pumpkin Flow _ XR 內容中控系統


Pumpkin Flow Learn Moe

支援多品牌 VR 頭盔,切換不受限




VR 裝置管理

VR 頭盔設備管理和使用紀錄,





內建 DRM 保護

內建 DRM 保護內容,防止未經授權的下載和複製。

  • Does Pumpkin Flow support both standalone VR and PCVR?
    Pumpkin Flow currently only supports VR standalone headset including Meta Quest 2 and 3. We are looking into the development of its PCVR version. If you have any specific spec or hardware requests, please contact us for more details.
  • Is Internet required to use Pumpkin Flow? What is the recommended Internet environment and hardware specs?
    Yes, internet is required to use Pumpkin Flow. Our management platform streams immersive VR content to your device, so a reliable internet connection is necessary to experience the content without lag or interruption. We recommend a high-speed internet connection with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps for optimal performance. Additionally, it's best to have a network of 18Mbps. The computer specifications include an Intel Core i7-7700 processor, 32GB RAM, and a 64-bit operating system.
  • How many VR headsets can be used at the same time while operating Pumpkin Flow?
    Pumpkin Flow offers an advanced management system that can monitor numerous VR headsets simultaneously. It provides users with the flexibility to enjoy their VR experiences either alone or with friends, creating a truly interactive experience for everyone and increasing the convenience of management. However, the number of VR headsets or users that can be accommodated simultaneously may vary depending on the specific app or game being played.
  • What domain restrictions are there for remote control in Pumpkin Flow?
    Pumpkin Flow's remote control feature allows users to control one computer or device from another location. To ensure security and protect users' privacy, Pumpkin Flow's remote control can only be performed within the same domain. This means that the computers or devices being controlled must be on the same network or under the same domain name. Additionally, Pumpkin Flow's Remote Control can only be accessed with proper authentication and user authorization. These measures help to ensure that only authorized users have access to this powerful tool, and protect users from any potential security threats.
  • What's the pricing for using Pumpkin Flow?
    Pumpkin Flow is a subscription-based service, the price varies based on the amount of VR headsets used. Please contact us for more details.



Contact Pumpkin Flow

預約體驗 Pumpkin Flow,VR 一體機專屬的 XR 內容中控系統


台灣 813 高雄市左營區博愛二路 366 號 7 樓 6

No.366, 7F-6 Bo'ai 2nd Rd., Zuoying Dist. Kaohsiung 813, Taiwan


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