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Fast-paced PvP + Party Game for VR

Quantaar is a VR party brawler that marries fast-paced fighting & immersive party game elements.  

For our fourth title, we wanted to create an experience that marries the best of our beloved traditional games and VR together. This is Quantaar, the first VR action game that is fast-paced, played in short sessions and sitting.

A game that you can enjoy every day without pressure!

Collect your Heroes, Jump into thrilling matches, and Party with friends in our vast theme social rooms!

Coming to Quest 2, Pico 4, and Steam VR in early 2023.



Interactive VR horror game. Seated VR. Co-op up to 8

Taboo - one of our exciting and most popular.

Find out the story hidden behind the doll. Follow your intuition while choosing the questions. She will answer you...

Be careful, you have one chance only.

With custom interactive buttons and Partnering with StarVR, players can interact with the game by simply tapping and enjoying an incredibly immersive experience using the 210-degree VR headset. Taboo has been distributed at Sega Japan since 2018.

Pumpkin Studio's storytelling VR horror game Taboo is cooperated with StarVR and distributed at Sega Japan.
Pumpkin Studio's seated multiplayer VR shooter Iron Gate is distributed by Smilegate in Korea.



360° VR shooter. Seated VR. Co-op up to 4

Take a pivot turn from our earlier games. It’s one of our most popular, and by far the most inspiring among our team. It focuses on letting gamers experience next-level VR shooting through incredible imagery and action. 

Sit tight, there's no time to hesitate if you want to stay alive. The war will begin once landing.



360° VR shooter. Standing VR. Co-op up to 5 

While this is one of our earliest works, it is also one of our most successful and popular games. This game has been distributed across Asia since its release. It merges Chinese vampire - Jiangshi - with a shooting game that does freak people out.

Pumpkin Studio's first  multiplayer VR shooter game, Forbidden Z is now free on Steam.
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