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Quantaar is a VR hero melee game inspired by classic games Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends. The designers have developed its unique combat mechanic that enables players to control heroes through 2 points-of-view. It features a cast of heroes with unique powers and abilities, various combat arenas with diverse mechanics, several combat items, and a deep progression system.

Upon entering the world of Quantaar, the player will begin the journey investigating the mysterious energy source known as the secret power: Quantaar, which is believed to be the very origin of the Multiverse. Once the player has taken on the role of an Observer, they can summon heroes from the Multiverse to compete in the most thrilling and merciless combat event history has ever known. The player needs to master the heroes’ abilities, level up their rank, and reveal the secret of the Multiverse!

Key Features


  • Master heroes with unique skills to level up and unlock new ones 

  • Multiple arenas with different mechanics and diverse items to attack opponents in combat

  • Various game modes: brawl, 2v2, and party mode! (4 players/match)

  • Deep progression and rune system and cosmetic upgrades

  • Personal space station with playable facilities

  • Player avatar system to enhance the social experience

  • Huge social playground to meet new friends and PLAY! Coming soon.

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