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高市府攜手矽谷PNP加速器 培育體感獨角獸 Pumpkin Studio joins Plug and Play in Silicon Valley

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Pumpkin Studio won the golden prize from Kosmos Kaohsiung government.

[ English version below ]

與超過30家來自全台灣各領域的優秀體感廠商共同競賽,南瓜虛擬科技最後在Pitch簡報比賽中脫穎而出獲得金獎,得到前往美國矽谷參加世界知名加速器 Plug and Play 的機會。

南瓜虛擬科技在2018年以VR遊戲《Taboo 禁忌StartVR 的業界領導VR頭盔整合,進軍世界遊戲龍頭市場日本 Sega。並在2019年由美國VR/ AR 市場分析公司 Digi-Capital 評列為全世界遊戲業界的VR領導者之一,為台灣唯一上榜的VR遊戲公司 > 原文報導:高市府攜手矽谷PNP加速器 培育體感獨角獸

[ English version ]

More than 30 leading tech startups across industries in Taiwan join the pitch competition held by Kosmos Kaohsiung government. After the 2-day workshop and final pitch, Pumpkin Studio defeated other startups won the golden prize and the entry ticket to join Plug and Play in Silicon Valley.

Pumpkin Studio expanded its international market in Sega Japan by partnering with StartVR. While StartVR launched its 210° VR headset in 2018, Pumpkin Studio was the few companies who integrated the content with the headset successfully. In 2019, Pumpkin Studio is also the only VR gaming company from Taiwan that received recognition as one of the VR leaders in the worldwide gaming industry by a VR/ AR consulting company Digi-Capital.

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